Motivational Speaker

As America’s Master Motivational Speaker, and Behavioral Therapist, Dr. Jon Taylor hasgreat passion for people. His Motivational Speaking is always clean and tailored to meet YOUR goals. Imagine…100% audience participation as your audience or seminar group explores their fullest potential as an individual, co-worker or team member! This is “out of the box,” clean, corporate, family friendly entertainment, laugh so hard your sides hurt! Unlike many Motivational Speakers with a “one-size-fits-all” agenda, Dr. Jon joins YOUR team to determine YOUR meeting’s goals and how they will be achieved. Six months after the Comedy Hypnosis Show and Motivational Seminar, no one asks, “What did we do or what did we learn?” Instead, new life-skill set are discovered, learned, and put into practice! Dr. Jon offers a variety of seminars that change lives and work habits! Here are just a few:

  • Imagine This
  • Procrastinate No More
  • Power Napping
  • Significant Team Building Exercise, Motivation & Lifestyle Weight Management
  • Sales Outside the Box
  • More GREAT Life-Changing Workshops!

As a certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist, Dr. Jon makes people laugh without compromising their dignity. Audience participants and volunteers leave feeling refreshed and ready to face the world! Whether it’s Corporations, Conferences, Conventions, Banquets, Fundraisers, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Private Parties, Cruise Lines, Church Groups, Associations, Team Building, Training or Management Seminars…


Dr. Jon earned his BA from West Texas State University, Masters from Southern Methodist University and PhD from Drew University. He is also a certified Hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Why Choose Dr. Jon Taylor As Your Featured Motivational Speaker

  • Dr. Jon’s Motivational Speaking Always Meet Your Goals
  • Dr. Jon’s Motivational Speaking Is Corporate Friendly
  • Dr. Jon’s Motivational Speaking Is Unique